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WCEBIA Assistance Request

We are hoping that some of you might be willing to step forward and assist us in three areas we determined would help preserve the integrity of the jetty and the Bay itself. We would like to form the following committees:


  1. Social Media – Maintain and update our web site and Next Door and potentially establish and maintain a Facebook page.

  2. Research Grants – there are many out there but a team would make researching them much easier. These people do not necessarily need to write the grants - unless they desire to do that – but to help find grants we might qualify for.

  3. A political liaison committee. These folks would work to establish political allies – make local politicians aware of us and the needs of our community.  Our President and VP – Dave Dailey and Ray Seigfred – have begun working with Dave Fantuzzo (Supervisor) and  Roger  Gallant (Zoning and Planning Department) in Huron. There are many other political officials in the area whom a note or phone call, would have us on their radar.

Click here for the complete request letter

Water Quality Management

The weed treatment seems to be doing its job! Further discussion at the next association meeting.   

The first of the season's Water Chestnut hand-pulling parties will be mid July. Please come help in any way you can to remove these nasty, invasive aquatic weeds from the waters of the Bay.  The more we remove now, the fewer there will be in the future.

Click here for the donation form

Safe Harbor


The Channel Big Dig was completed late June and looks very good.  The Association worked closely  with D'Amico (the contractor) to ensure a good dig through-and-through.

Click here for the donation form

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