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Active community involvement is key to the continued success and enjoyment of East Bay.  All Bay improvement activities are fully funded and managed by association members and the local community.  This includes; maintaining a navigable channel to lake Ontario, significant efforts to control invasive weed propagation, litter and plastic removal from beaches, boat launch maintenance, etc. 

Get involved today! Great People! Great Fun! Great Bay!


Currently there are 46 paid members to date for 2024.  For any membership questions or concerns, please contact Patty Kalbfleisch at the address listed below.

All residents and individuals that enjoy the East Bay Community are welcome to join the Association. 


1 Year Membership $59

3 Year Membership $150

To pay by check, print a copy of the attached form and mail to the address below.


Please make checks payable to:



Mail to:

WCEBIA c/o Kalbfleisch

5895 Clark Road

Newark, NY, 14513


Association Membership form


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