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Cash Donations


The WCEBIA is 100% reliant on the donations of it's members and the Bay community.  As a registered New York State non-profit organization, all donations are eligible as tax deductible*. 

Tax deductible donations can be made by:

Please make checks payable to:



Mail to:

WCEBIA c/o Kalbfleisch

5895 Clark Road

Newark, NY, 14513

For those that prefer the convenience of monthly direct deposit, the association has this option available as well. Please contact Patty Kalbfleisch at the address listed above for details, (or attend one of the scheduled association meetings).

Click here for the donation form

August Raffle


East Bay raffle tickets are available and have been mailed out.


The raffle runs from August 1st to August 31st and the tickets are $5 each. The raffle tickets are numbered from 000 to 999 and we use the daily EVENING number as the winning number.  


$200.00 is awarded on Saturdays, $50.00 all other days of the week. All numbers one-above and one-below the winning number will win $10.00. We will be tracking the numbers and the payouts will be made by check on a weekly basis. You can contact Patty Kalbfleisch with any questions or ticket requests.

August East Bay Picnic

Bring a dish to pass and have fun trying to win donated prizes.  All proceeds support WCEBIA programs. 

Schedule of East Bay events

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